Poet's Refuge

From the tragic and dramatic events unfolding in Ukraine, a question has arisen which is as vital as it is painful: «where is artistic expression?» It is as if artistic expression has no place in today’s reality which is bursting with manifestations of cruelty. But if any form of language were able to extend its own limits and take on the absurdity, unpredictability and even cruelty of our current reality, then it would certainly be the poetic language. Moreover, it is the ever-changing poetic image that impersonates reality (for example, scenery or a person), not the other way round.

All attempts to lock Shevchenko inside museums and books, to choke him with pompous presentations, to neuter living texts by «tearing them apart» into lifeless quotes, totally hollowed out of meaning, have failed. Shevchenko has liberated himself and has come to his own jubilee celebration, «laughing through his tears».

The landscape and the person are presented in the project as if in a state of struggle, a transitional state, moving in a continuous dramatic cycle. The inevitable cycle of births, fierce struggles, deaths and new births rejects the possibility of any constant state or of any determinability. This cycle also confirms the genuineness of the world around us