Dniprovs'ka str.

Kaniv entered Oleksandr Babak’s life as an integral part of his academic curriculum. That’s where the students of the Kyiv State Arts Institute, founded in the 1930s by its first presi - dent Fedir Krychevsky, did their summer internships. Serhii Hryhoriev, Krychevsky’s former assistant and himself a notable Ukrainian artist, has described the importance of these internships. They were held in a marvelous location, hallowed by the burial ground of Taras Shevchenko, the founding father of modern Ukrainian literature, and professors used to work side-by-side with their students. When Oleksandr revisited the place 36 years later on the invitation of Iuriy Stashkiv, the owner of Kniazha Hora Art Hotel and Chervonechorne Gallery, he discovered that the former institute dormitories have been abandoned. The au - thor’s text, brimming with touching memories, explains not only his works of last September, but the trajectory of his artistic search up till now.